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January 22, 1978

[JourneydeJenny email 05/12/08] " Pt. 2: Know anyone in Eugene? Slideshow gathering Wednesday 5/21!"

See below about my slideshow gathering in Eugene next Wednesday, May 21st. Please forward!
(And, I'll slip in a reminder of my slideshow at the Village Building Convergence opening night, Friday 5/23, in Portland!! It will be fun--hope to see you!)
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From: Allen Hancock
Subject: An antidote to cynicism

Hey everyone,

If you're discouraged about the state of the world, come see Jenny Leis on Wed. May 21st. She is one of the most enthusiastic people I know. You will walk away inspired!


Grassroots Inspiration:
Tales from a Traveling Organizer
an evening with Jenny Leis

Wednesday, May 21st, 7:30 pm
Maitreya Eco-Village community space
1647 W. Broadway
$3-10 donation

Please join Jenny Leis in celebrating grassroots changemaking! After six years of sustainability/community organizing in Portland, Jenny took a year to explore the role of "cross-pollinator among grassroots movements," by weaving through Portland, Tucson, and Boston; and on through East and Southern Africa.

Overflowing with inspiring stories and ideas for spicing up social change work, Jenny will introduce you to a locally-powered, globally-impactful organization of slum dwellers; permaculture education in devastated, post-dictatorship Malawi; eco-village retrofits in South African shanty towns; Tucson, Arizona's growing sustainability community; and lessons from Zimbabwe, where they are currently facing many of the conditions that are predicted for our post-oil economy.

Jenny Leis is a community facilitator, enthusiastic speaker and spark for creative community action. Jenny has now returned to the Portland community to spark conversations and action about local "cross-pollination," and dive deeper into her work with The City Repair Project and Tryon Life Community Farm. She can be contacted at jennyleis@riseup.net or 503-548-8459. Also, check out: http://journeydejenny.blogspot.com.

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