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January 22, 1978

[JourneydeJenny email 11/06/07] "a correction... and asking for contributions for a collective letter of support"

Hey everyone,
I realize I wasn't clear in my last email: I will not send emails about the book group to this whole list again, but I do intend to continue sharing the evolving ideas of this cross-pollination journey.
Thank you for all of the loving feedback about my stories!! In fact, you all just inspired me with an idea for the Case Foundation Make It Your Own Awards that I mentioned in my last email. My grant idea has evolved into focusing on sparking and facilitating a group of 24 cross-pollinators from two neighborhoods to spend a year exploring and weaving the web of Portland's movement of movements.
The grant proposal requires two "partner letters of support." And when I look at all of the emails that you all have sent to me throughout this year with affirmation about this work, I wonder if we can co-create a collective letter of support!
Let's see what happens:
Could you share a snapshot, a sentence or two, about the importance of "cross-pollination" and/or something about me and my ability to get things done?? I will collect these snippets and put them into a "community letter of support." And, please share any titles or affiliations that I should include.
Here's what they want: "Letters of support should be from key partners, potential project beneficiaries, or other community stakeholders who can endorse your commitment to success, such as a potential participant or supporter, local nonprofit or small business leader, school official, or local elected official. Partner letters of support should be on official stationary whenever possible."
I think that list encompasses all of you!! Now I will just have to figure out what is the "official stationary" of the community.... ;-)
Thanks!! PLEASE EMAIL BY THIS FRIDAY -- the proposal is due Monday!!
in anticipation,

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