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January 24, 2007

African Water Network

One of the successes of the WSF: the formation of the African Water Network, uniting all countries to prevent the privatization of water. A small group spent the previous few days working out five declarations... and then at this workshop the attendees reviewed and approved them. Then (pictured here) the organizers asked representatives from each country to move forward and plan the next steps for working together. The man at the front here is basically taking a roll call from each country.... "Is anyone from Malawi here? Do we have Malawi?" It was a neat thing to see form... can't wait to see what happens!

The resolution they passed:

  1. We will fight the privatization of water in all its forms.
  2. We will ensure participatory public control and management of water resources in Africa.
  3. We oppose all forms of prepaid water meters.
  4. We will ensure that water is enshrined in national constitutions as a human right.
  5. We will ensure that the tradition of water is a national project solely for public good.

Other important notes about water:

Water is a gender issue. One person spoke about Ghana and talked about how acquiring water is a woman’s responsibility and she may have to walk many miles a day to get some. If she doesn’t she might become victim of domestic violence. Also, women bring their daughters to fetch water, which keeps them out of schools… perpetuating all problems!!

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Charla said...

This is so important to protect water from privatization. Í´m glad to hear about this movement.