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April 07, 2007


Here are just a few photos of sharing ideas from one group to another.

The strategy that I have passed on the most is that of Shack Dweller’s International – see that section for details of their time tested and grassroots powered approach to change. Here is a group of woman from a rural area in Zimbabwe reading the SDI magazine…

…and then seeing photos and videos of a group of women from a ghetto in Zambia who are actively saving money together (one of the SDI principles). It really makes a difference to get out of the way and let the women teach the women. The photo on the left of the women showing off her savings is one that they are looking at on my computer.

Here is a woman who is participating in an SDI group in Zambia reading about the organization as a whole… with stories from India to Brazil and all across Southern Africa.

This is Philip in Motsoaledi squatter camp (Jo’Burg, South Africa) reading the newsletter of activists in a ghetto of Harare (Zimbabwe).

And here is Mandla and Temba from Motsoaledi meeting Maureen from the Landless People’s Movement, who I met at the World Social Forum. They all live in informal settlements (tin shack towns) just a few km from each other, and had a great time learning about each other’s efforts. Since I left, Mandla has helped Maureen start an organic garden, and Maureen has invited the Motsoaledi community to numerous workshops and events. Cool stuff.

A group of permaculturists, educators, and villagers at Kufunda Village in Zimbabwe hearing about TLC Farm. (ok, I took this photo after the crowd left... oh well, can't catch 'em all.) After my slideshow, they presented me with a list of things to explain more about… everything from rocket stoves and hayboxes to organizing fundraising events to maintaining volunteers to networking within their own city. Fun.

And here is a community network in Zimbabwe watching the City Repair video… they too have done creative street reclaiming activities.

They loved the Placemaking Guidebook (which I left with them).

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