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September 01, 2008

Reflections on the summer’s cross-pollination sessions

Here are some comments from “check outs” after a few of the summer’s experimental sessions.

  • It feels great to take my past experience and make sense of it.
  • This shed light on a lot of things I’ve been thinking about
  • This gave me new tools for dealing with the drama in my (cooperative) house—we’ve had a lot of language barriers.
  • This shed light on my worldview—opened new channels of thought.
  • It’s good to meet others that I can really talk to!
  • This is my ideal group because I’m so mixed in what I do. I connect with people who fight for things and not necessarily a singular thing. It’s like a non-group support group.
  • I learn so much from hearing other people’s experiences.
  • I see new possibilities for the future.
  • We just had two hours of cross-pollination with a dozen different people and it was great!
  • Thank you for this great learning experience!
  • I’ve enjoying inquiring about what’s effective and how hard it is!
  • If only we can support people who make links—it makes it more inviting.
  • I’m really happy I came.
  • I’m really happy I came, too, and need to think about all of these good ideas more. Next time I’m bringing friends.
  • I really appreciate breaking CP down step by step.
  • These are good building blocks, tools.
  • It’s really exciting to hear about new efforts.
  • This is important. We need to do it a lot more.
  • I’m amazed at all of the great ideas that got shared.
  • I heard a lot of deep questions that I hadn’t heard before.
  • It’s really neat to think about the world this way.
  • It’s really nice to connect and share.
  • I have a lot to think about now!

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