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November 12, 2006

REFLECTION: to be or not to be

While at the Dry River Collective, I had a great talk with Eric. One of the many interesting phenomena we discussed was about how many young activists want to land somewhere, get involved and “do something,” yet they only stick around for a few months. Deep change usually requires a lot more time and commitment to a place (in order to build trust and really know the nuances of the issues). The average American moves every four years… and the average young activist probably much more than that!

It makes me think: maybe the most radical act we can do is plant ourselves somewhere and dig deeply into the issues from there. Isn’t this the most root issue: DISCONNECTION from place, people, our actions etc.?

This also reminds me of the question: when do we once again become native to a place?

On a personal note, I am aware that I am writing this during a year of traveling, but one of my reasons for taking a break from Portland is so that I can come back and dive in deeply. Places like New Zealand and Europe have it right: send youth out to see the world and then let them come back to settle (when they realize “there’s no place like home!”).

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