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June 30, 2007

Permaculture cross-pollination: Kufunda Village and the Uhuru Network

A very exciting day: the Permaculture Kollektive of the Uhuru Network visiting the Permaculture Team at Kufunda Village. We also enjoyed connecting with another group of urban youth who were exploring permaculture as a method of urban waste reduction.

The three groups spent a lively day together, in sharing circles and an "open space forum," where people split up by interest groups.
Here you can see Melanie (from Kufunda) teaching the group about the Herb Lab and how they are growing and processing a variety of herbs for traditional medicines and support for people with HIV/AIDS.

This group is discussing some of the basics of permaculture: sheet mulching and guilding. There were a lot of little tips and ideas that Kufunda is demonstrating well, and the urban groups were excited to consider how to apply them to the city.

We had a yummy lunch packed with veggies! This was one of the first times that men populated the Kufunda kitchen.

At the closing circle, people expressed their appreciation for the day spent together and asked if they could come back for more cross-pollination. The possibilities are endless!

Sometimes I forget the power of simply sitting in a circle and giving space to each person to share from their heart. This was a very wise group of motivated young people! It was quite exciting to hear people insights from the day.

This was also a really nice to end my time in Zimbabwe--connecting the two groups that I spent most of my time with. I hope that the relationship continues!

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