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April 05, 2008

(2) Baby Steps

Part of this experiment I call my life is to step as fully as I can into the web so that others may as well. That’s the whole point: if we each took these steps than the infrastructure would grow to match our needs, and we would actually have the systems that we want to be embodying. All we have to do is choose that we are ready and then step into it.

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We may not be able to step directly into the socio-economic-ecosystem of our visions (and we may not even know what that looks like!), but if we take the baby steps that we know are “right”, than we begin to create the path. “We make the road by walking”, right?

These baby steps may seem small, but they really do add up. In Portland, we witness what happens when critical masses of people each choose these baby steps: the infrastructure and societal norms develop to match these needs/pieces. We have special lanes, bridges and signals for bicyclists. We have organic and bioregional food at many restaurants. We have task forces to approach peak oil and sustainable city systems, etc.

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Anonymous said...

We all have the capacity to lead, but ultimately we also need to follow the lead of others and learn from example. You have the capacity to inspire better than most, it is one of your gifts, and I am glad to see you using it. Encouragement and a little light shone in the right direction.