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April 03, 2008

(A) The next steps: a new economy

If we take the principles of the integrated socio-economic-ecosystem for the individual (see post called “I am living the integrated ecosystem”) and apply them to organizations, than we can observe similar patterns and possibilities. If each organization that is “making the world better” has a basic set of foundational needs outside of their core mission, what if we seek to align those basic needs from multiple groups?

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I met a very inspiring woman in Denver who drew me a map of one such example. You can read her description of this here. It’s really quite fun when you start seeing how one group can offer support to another, and then how much more efficient the whole system is.

And, even on the level of an organization’s mission, we can look to a more integrated interdependent system to produce effective work. Many groups are trying to change policy, get the attention of the public, effect business, etc. I bet that if each of these groups framed their work within a larger political and historical context, they would find some similar roots of their issues and therefore potentially similar paths to solutions.

And what about the part about asking for what you need as a step towards integration and interdependence? This is interesting in the context of organizations, because many organizations quite directly ask the world to help them… each wants their message to be heard and responded to. Now this creates a fun challenge: how are we (the general public, and/or the active changemakers) supposed to hear and respond to so many needs? Good question. It gets overwhelming.

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